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TravelMag features 10 UNIQUE THINGS TO DO IN KAUAI

a close up of a lush green forest

From Travel Mag


Part of the idyllic Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai has been dubbed “The Garden Isle” owing to the tropical rainforest that extends across large swaths of the island. Indeed, Kauai’s raw natural beauty accounts heavily for the fact that it is one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist destinations, boasting dramatic cliffs, a 10-mile canyon, and endless hiking trails that captivate all who visit.

While those who come to Kauai tend to focus their itinerary around the island’s natural attractions, there’s also an impressive smattering of man-made things to see and do, as well. To help inspire you to come and see it for yourself, we’ve picked out 10 of the most unique sites, landmarks and activities to enjoy across the island of Kauai.

Embark on an enchanting hike through nature

An 11-mile trek through paradise, the Kalalau Trail starts at Ke’e Beach, winding along the Napali coast, alongside sparkling ocean and across emerald-hued valleys, isolated beaches and waterfalls, before reaching Kalalau Beach. The trail is only accessible by foot or boat, which means the rugged terrain has remained largely unchanged for centuries. While you can complete the full hike in a day, it’s worth taking your time and pitching up a tent at the halfway point in the Hanakoa Valley. Not for the faint hearted, it’s a steep and unrelenting hike to the finish line, but it offers big rewards along the way.

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